Crunchy Treats

Happy Howie’s Famous Crunchy Treats

Dogs love our slow-cooked, real meat treats. Choose from Beef Woof Stix®, Burger Chews, and our handcrafted Deli-Style Sausages. Try them all!

Beef Woof Stix®

A beefy stick. Give it whole or just a bit.

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happy howie's woof stix

Burger Chews

These meaty patties are your dog’s chewing bliss.

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happy howie's burger pouches

Beef Jerky

Flat and crispy, easier to break than burgers.

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happy howie's beef jerky

Deli-Style Sausages

Sausage snacks that finally live up to your dog’s chewing standards.

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happy howie's sausage treats

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