FAQs – Frequently asked Happy Howie’s product questions for your convenience.
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Product Questions

What is in your treats?

The main ingredient in all our treats is the protein. So for our beef treats, the main ingredient is ground beef. Our turkey is simply turkey meat that has been mechanically separated from the bones. For the lamb sausages, we use a combination of muscle and organ meat. The second ingredient is rice flour and then we add natural preservatives.

Can all Happy Howie’s treats be fed to puppies?

Yes. Check with your vet on how much of our treats your puppy can have because puppies have different dietary needs than grown dogs.

Can I freeze Happy Howie’s treats?

Yes. You can freeze any of our treats. Just make sure you thaw it for at least 24 hours before feeding it to your dog

Do I need to refrigerate Happy Howie’s treats?

The only treats in the Happy Howie’s line that require refrigeration, and only after opening, are our Premium Meat Rolls. All other treats should be stored in a sealed bag in a dark cool place.

I have never used Meat Rolls before. What do I do?

Our Premium Meat rolls have a nine-month shelf life from the day we make them. They don’t require refrigeration until opened. Once open, we recommend covering them (foil, paper, zip lock bag) and storing in the fridge for no more than two weeks.

You can also cut the roll into pieces, store them in the freezer for extended storage and use as needed. This video will show you how:

Your sausages and burgers seem very hard. Is that normal?

It depends. We make the sausages and burgers to last longer than soft treats. Here are a few steps you can take when feeding our treats:

  1. Use a knife and a cutting block to cut into smaller pieces and save unused portion in a plastic bag.
  2. Microwave the treat for no more than 7 seconds.

If the treat seems excessively hard, then check the expiration date. Expired treats or treats that have been out of their original packaging for weeks will exhibit excessive hardness. Please discard these treats.

As with any treat or chew, always supervise your dog as they chew. Provide your dog with plenty of fresh drinking water. If you suspect any kind of blockage with any chew or treat, seek medical assistance immediately.

What is in the treats to preserve them?

The most important preservative we use is the cooking process itself. We cook at low temperatures for long periods to draw out much of the moisture. We also use a special blend of the highest quality natural preservatives. Our special blend of natural preservatives includes salt and rosemary extract to name a few.

Is garlic safe for dogs?

Yes, garlic is safe for dogs unless they consume more than one clove per ten pounds of body weight per day. Happy Howie’s products contain only a small amount of garlic, which we include for its high antioxidant value.

What is the serving size for each treat?

Servings vary depending on your pet’s size, weight and activity level. When treating your dog, consider the total calories he or she should eat in a day.

Where can I buy Happy Howie’s?

Happy Howie’s treats are available throughout the United States and online. Please visit our store locator to find a store in your area. Keep in mind that we try and keep the information as up to date as possible, but we cannot list all the stores that stock Happy Howie’s. Prior to visiting a store, please contact the store to make sure they sell the product you are seeking. If a store near you does not stock Happy Howie’s, then please check out the “Shop Now” section of our website.

Do you have any quality assurance programs?

Yes. Quality is of the highest priority to us. We test every batch to make sure it is cooked to our high standard. We also use the help of independent labs to verify several aspects of our treats and our process. Happy Howie’s also has a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan in place and we are working towards even stricter levels of food safety and quality standards.

Do you guarantee your products?

Yes, if you or your dog is not completely satisfied with any of our products, you may return the unused portion of the treat to the store in exchange for any other of our great treats.

Does your company make all of your products here in America?

Absolutely! We make every single treat in Detroit, Michigan. We manufacture, package, and ship from our own facility. We promise not to outsource any part of our production.

Why do your sausages have sugar in them?

Sugar is an essential ingredient in making sausages. It helps give the sausage its texture and appearance. We only use a very small amount of sugar in our sausages. Our large sausages have less sugar than a small banana.

What is the best treat for training?

Our Premium Meat Rolls. Available in Beef, Lamb, and Turkey these rolls cut up perfectly into small pieces without leaving a mess. Their rich flavor commands the attention and obedience of almost any dog out there.

Can I feed my dog expired treats?

Because of the nature of our treats (all natural and few preservatives), please do not feed your dog the treats if the treats are past the expiration date.

Are your treats grain free?

No, we use gluten-free rice flour as a binder

I am new to Happy Howie’s, how much of your treats do I give my dog?

Start with cutting small pieces of our treats from larger one. See how your dog responds. For small dogs, one very small piece each day should suffice. For larger dogs, 4-5 small pieces should be fine.

Why do you use salt?

We use salt in our treats because it is a simple, non-toxic and natural preservative that prevents the growth of microbes like bacteria and mold. It is a common ingredient in many natural meat foods.

My dog is on a low sodium diet, how much sodium is in your treats?

Our treats come in different sizes so the amount of sodium depends on the treat you choose. Additionally, many pet parents feed our treats by breaking it into smaller pieces and only feeding part of the treat. So, this also affects how much sodium the dog gets. Our largest treats (jumbo sausages and burgers) can have 1-1.5 grams of sodium per treat. You can easily reduce this by feeding smaller pieces. As always, monitor your dog and provide plenty of fresh drinking water when feeding treats.

Wholesale Questions

I wish to carry your treats in my store. Can I buy direct?

We have worked hard to establish a far-reaching distribution network to get our treats to independent retailers all around the country. Please contact your local sales rep at any of these fine distributors to buy our treats:

  • ADMC
  • Animal Supply Company
  • Berr Pet Supply
  • Frontier Distributing
  • LADs pet Supply
  • Pet Food Experts
  • Phillips Pet Food & Supply
  • Southeast Pet
  • United Pacific Pet
  • Zeiglers Distributing
  • And more

I do not see my store on your store locator. How do I add it?

Please click the Add New Location link on our Where to Buy page and the required information. We will verify this information and add your store accordingly.

I am in need of training materials for my store associates. Where can I get them?

Please email your request to customerservice@happyhowies.com. We will email you all the information you need.