Welcome to HappyHowies.com!

Howie is excited you’ve taken time out of your schedule to come visit him. Over the past six months, Howie and his friends have worked hard to create a website he can be proud of, just like his all natural dog treats. Howie has employed American ingenuity to come up with a great product worthy of his name. As always, Howie kept his favorite people, the consumer, in mind as he wrote the web code (not an easy task with small keyboard keys and large paws). As a result, he is happy to unveil the brand new, user friendly, interactive, HappyHowies.com.

At first glance, you will see that the new HappyHowies.com is much more user friendly. With a drop down menu and quick links on the side, any piece of information is easily accessible and only a click away. Whether you are searching for new products or Howie’s Howl, Howie made it simple for you to find. To become acquainted with the new HappyHowies.com, feel free to look around yourself or continue reading to learn about what Howie has to offer.

Our Products
Howie is proud to offer a wide array of all natural dog treats free of corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, and artificial colors. His most up to date list of products can always be found under the Our Products tab on HappyHowies.com. The nutritional information, packaging sizes, ingredients, and other important facts about the products can also be found there. Currently, Howie offers All Natural Sausages, All Natural Woof Stix & Woof Bites, All Natural Doggie Burgers, All Natural Doggie Jerky, and All Natural Gourmet Meatrolls. In the future, Howie plans to unveil new and improved products; so make sure to check back often.

Where to Buy
Instead of walking your dog from store to store looking for Happy Howie’s all natural dog treats, Howie makes it easy with a list of stores where his products are available. Simply type in your zip code and you will see a list of the stores closest to you. Need to see where they are? No problem. Howie also provides a map to alleviate headaches and save you precious time in getting your dog the all natural treat they love.

Have a question about Happy Howie’s ingredients, feeding practices, or other issues? Howie has created a list of the frequently asked questions he hears most. See if your particular question is listed, or contact us directly to have your question answered.

Howie hopes you will enjoy and utilize his new website. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or just want to say “Hi”, utilize the Contact Us feature. To hear more about the happenings at Happy Howie’s, check the Around the Block blog on HappyHowies.com and Like us on Facebook.