The Importance of Pet/Treat Safety

The New York Times recently published an article in “The Haggler” section that discussed the nearly disastrous consequences pet-parent, Muriel Mateer, had to endure after giving her dog a bone—a real pork femur in fact:

“…A few hours later, Ms. Mateer’s 6-year-old pit bull, Bear, started to display some gruesome signs of gastrointestinal distress. She took him to a veterinarian near her home in Upland, Calif. Given antibiotics and hooked to an IV drip, Bear passed most of the bone shards that had been causing the trouble over the course of many stressful hours.

“He’s recuperating now,” Ms. Mateer said. “We almost lost him.”

bone_v1Ladies and gentlemen, the Haggler presents America’s most hated dog bone. The Better Business Bureau has been warning consumers about the Real Ham Bone for five years. There have been local news stories about it (“Bad to the bone?” asked a Fox affiliate in Milwaukee), and it has inspired a number of anti-Real Ham Bone Facebook pages. In May, a class-action lawsuit was filed in California against Dynamic Pet Products, with a lead plaintiff who says her basset hound died after ingesting a Real Ham Bone…” (Segal 2015)

Here at Happy Howie’s, we pride ourselves with products that are all natural, healthy & safe for dogs to enjoy. It is important to us that your dog is kept safe while enjoying treats. We urge all pet-parents to strongly consider every factor that goes into a treat purchase, and keep in mind the treats that are soft, chewy and/or easily breakable!

To read the entire article click here.

Segal, David. “The Treat That Could Bite Your Dog Back.” The Haggler. The New York Times, 1 Aug. 2015. Web. 14 Aug. 2015.