Summer Fun with your Dog!

It may be almost August, but summer certainly isn’t over yet! There’s always so much going on in the summer—barbecues, pool parties, vacations and get-togethers—it is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle. But while you’re out soaking up the warm sun, don’t forget about your best friend at home!

Summertime offers plenty of opportunities for fun, pet-related activities. Thanks to ModernDog, we are happy to share some activities to fill your calendar with that will help you and your furry friend enjoy the rest of summer together:

Splash zone!

Kids love playing in the sprinklers, and if your dog loves water, I bet he/she does too! Set up a sprinkle while you’re out in the yard and watch your dog go crazy with fun, or grab a ball or Frisbee and play catch through the water!

Go site-seeing

There are many historical sites, museums and parks all over that are dog friendly. Leash up your best friend and enjoy the day site-seeing together.

Host a Dog Swap!


You’ve heard of clothing swaps—host a doggie swap! You know that toy you bought for your dog that was never played with, and is just collecting dust in the toy bin? Swap it! Invite follow pet-parents and get socializing. Encourage other pets to join in on the swap party & score big with new or gently used items that your dog actually likes!

Start a walking group

Chances are you know other people with dogs—set a date and time to meet up and get walking. This not only is great exercise for your dog, but it gives him/her an opportunity to socialize with other dogs too!

Float around the pool


Perhaps it’s just too hot outside to work up the energy to do anything. This happens! If you have a pool, or if there’s a dog friendly pool around go take a load off & enjoy the refreshing water—it is summer after all! Get your water-loving pooch swimming with some encouragement: float treats in the water!

Whatever you decide to do with your dog, make sure to pack lots of water & treats!

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