Saving Dogs and Detainees One Life at a Time

Happy Howie’s is honored to announce we have become proud supporters of The Georgia Department of Corrections “Rescued” program!

What exactly is this program?

10923301_10153217845339451_5343956647857106800_oFounded in June of 2012, the “Rescued” program began through the Georgia Department of Corrections at the Colwell Probation and Detention Center in Blairsville, Georgia. This program aims to help dogs obtained by animal control centers become more adoptable.

The “Rescued” program places dogs with detainees 24/7, while Cold Nose College works with the detainees on training basic foundation skills and good canine manners. Cold Nose College’s goal is 10857385_10153217843609451_7838131220200311477_o to make the dogs more adoptable, while teaching detainees positive reinforcement training skills.

Cold Nose College has found that the dogs in training really respond to our Happy Howie’s Meat Rolls—especially the Turkey. Therefore, in conjunction with Mountain Pets who will be providing the Turkey rolls at 50% off retail, we are happy to match the purchase of every roll 1:1!

10668935_10153217842189451_7127808989908094284_oWith the budget of the program, we estimate Cold Nose College obtaining nearly 30 All Natural Gourmet Meat Rolls from Mountain Pets, Happy Howie’s will match by providing an additional 30 rolls. Approximately 60 All Natural Meat Rolls for such a great cause!

We thank Mountain Pets and Cold Nose College for including us in such a unique and awesome program. It is our hope that each dog is able to find his or her forever home through the “Rescued” program.

To learn more about Cold Nose College visit: