Important Meat Roll Update

As an industry leader in soft meat roll treats, we want to ensure the highest quality products.

Due to the uniqueness and popularity of the Happy Howie’s Meat Roll as a shelf-stable product, a government agency has recently asked us to provide additional scientific data to support the product’s safety. While we have not been asked to stop producing the meat rolls, and because we strive to comply with government food safety standards, we find it prudent to temporarily stop producing the meat rolls until we receive further guidance from the agency. We thank all our valued customers for their patience while we undergo this important process; you will be notified as soon as production begins again.

Happy Howie’s complies with various food safety standards, and we take it very seriously. In the normal course of doing business, periodic compliance issues arise and are addressed to meet changing standards.

Meat Roll Status 11/9/2021:

We finally received the information needed to continue production of our meat rolls. During this time, we have taken the opportunity to make capacity expansion improvements and are now gearing up to resume production early 2022. We appreciate your patience during this process and look forward to getting back to providing the best possible service and product!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it OK to use the meat rolls I already have?

Yes! Just be sure to follow our feeding and storage guidelines.

When will meat roll production begin again?

We are gearing up to resume production early 2022

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