Important Meat Roll Update

As an industry leader in soft meat roll treats, we want to ensure the highest quality products.

Due to the uniqueness and popularity of the Happy Howie’s Meat Roll as a shelf-stable product, a government agency has recently asked us to provide additional scientific data to support the product’s safety. While we have not been asked to stop producing the meat rolls, and because we strive to comply with government food safety standards, we find it prudent to temporarily stop producing the meat rolls until we receive further guidance from the agency. We thank all our valued customers for their patience while we undergo this important process; you will be notified as soon as production begins again.

Happy Howie’s complies with various food safety standards, and we take it very seriously. In the normal course of doing business, periodic compliance issues arise and are addressed to meet changing standards.

Update as of 5/10/22

Meat roll orders open TODAY 5/10/22. They will start shipping next week (the week of 5/16/22)

Small = Less than 10 rolls for the 12 oz & 7oz rolls, Less than 5 rolls for the 2lb rolls

The kitchen is making meat rolls as you read this, and there’s a batch in the steam ovens already. We’re expecting a ton of orders and are working to get them out the door ASAP, but production will be limited for the first few weeks while we get our rhythm back. Thankfully the production crew is awesome, so they will get the hang of it again quickly.

Meat Roll Status 04/04/2022:

We are targeting April 18th for opening pre-orders for online customers with shipment beginning around May 16th.

Meat Roll Status 02/17/2022:

The question so many people (and dogs) are asking is “When will the meat rolls be back?!”

The answer is complicated. Over the last few months, we’ve been expanding our cooking capacity and making other improvements to ensure not only a quality product, but on-time delivery when we’re rolling again. An example of these improvements is installing a larger steam oven; we need to fine-tune the temperature settings to ensure a fully cooked treat, and that is taking a while.

Big projects are always difficult to estimate a good timeline for, since so much depends on things like the weather, having the right people available, and all the parts arriving on time.

Rest assured, we’re working our tails off to get the meat rolls back as quickly as possible. We will be virtually plastering the internet and your inboxes with the news when we start taking pre-orders, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter, and maybe follow us on social media.

Thank you so much for placing your trust in us! We look forward to shipping out the meat rolls and getting back into the swing of things very soon.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it OK to use the meat rolls I already have?

Yes! Just be sure to follow our feeding and storage guidelines.

When will meat roll production begin again?

We are gearing up to resume production early 2022

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