Magnum’s Happy Howie’s Story

As told by pet-parent: Mary Jo

I originally was introduced to Happy Howie’s Dog Treats from a dog supply store, Leone in Murrysville, PA. The lamb sausage sticks are his ABSOLUTE favorite treat—as you can see in this video:

Here is my dog Magnum, getting his favorite treat (Happy Howie’s lamb sausage treat), on his 7th Birthday!!!

Magnum is a male mixed breed, both Doberman and Shepherd or Labrador blend. I got him in 2006 from Action for Animals in Latrobe, PA when he was 3 months old.

Nothing has been more motivating for him than offering a lamb stick as a reward!!!!

I buy them direct from Happy Howie’s now and get them amazingly quick. I buy the 12” sausage links and the 4” sausage links (easier to take with me to the park).

Here is the day I brought him home, at 3 months old.

Here he is at 7 years old.

And now, at 12 years old.

Also, my good friend has a Yorkie, named Sweat Pea who loves the lamb sticks. The 4” sausages are more her size, although she has been known to tackle the 12” sausages at Christmas!

This is his friend, Sweet Pea, with her birthday present—a 12” Lamb sausage treat. So you can see how tiny she is!!!!

Thanks for making all your products and my dog so happy! All his friends too! Any of them that got one, LOOOOVVVVEEEDDD them!

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