Is your dog a bad dog intentionally?

Article written by: Elly Price, Right on Track K9 Training

Dogs are not bad, well at least not from their prospective. Dogs are opportunists and they will do whatever works for them at the time and that is self-rewarding. This then becomes a learned behavior. So every time they steal food from the counter-top, they reward themselves and they’ll just keep doing it! When a dog barks and you shout out “STOP IT”, your K9 thinks that you are merely chiming along with them… so in turn they will just keep going or get worst because they think STOP IT! Means keep going.

The great thing about our dogs is they can be taught very quickly. Corrections are very easily achieved. Presented with the right techniques along with positive reinforcement, they will actually love to learn. It becomes a game for them. Training your dog for a half hour a day, in 5-minute increments, can have a huge impact on you and your dog’s relationship—it will create a closer bond between you and your dog, as well as, a harmonious family life. The key is to stay consistent. (Never scold or physically punish your dog for getting it wrong).

Elly Price is the Owner/Operator of Right on Track K9 Training, LLC. Elly began her career as a K9 handler by training, then certifying in Human Remains Recovery, Trailing, and K9 Obedience.

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