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Halloween Dog Costume Photo Contest Winners 2018

We would like to send out a big thank you to everyone that have participated in our Halloween Dog Costume Photo Contest—whether you submitted a photo or came back to vote. We loved seeing all the dogs dressed festively for Halloween!

We are proud to announce the following winners:

Grand Prize

“My name is prince By-Tor so no other costume would do. My costume is fit for the prince that I am!”

First place winner will receive:
A special sampler box of Happy Howie’s most popular treats, including: beef gourmet meat roll, 2” mini doggy burgers, 4” beef burger chews, 6” woof stix, 12” beef doggy jerky, 12” beef, lamb and turkey sausages (one of each flavor) and baker’s dozen beef, turkey and lamb 2” sausage pouches (one of each flavor). 11 items total, valued at $59.99!

Second Prize

“The Poop Factory”

Second place winner will receive:
A Happy Howie’s Variety Pack!

Third Prize

“Riley makes skeletons look awfully cute.”

Third place winner will receive:
A Happy Howie’s Variety Pack!


Congratulations to all our winners!

We appreciate everyone taking the time to participate to make our Halloween contest another success.

Please be sure to continue to follow us on Facebook—we will continue to offer fun and exciting products and updates through the remainder of 2018. For our winning pet-parents, we will be reaching out to you via the information provided in your submission to fulfill your prizes.

Happy Halloween!


The Mealtime Mystery – Solving the Case of Food Sensitivities


The Mealtime Mystery: Sherlock Holmes notices how seeming unrelated events are actually intertwined, and ultimately solves the mystery. Usually the culprit is the character who appeared to be the most innocent.

Sometimes with our dogs, we need to channel our inner Sherlock. Some clues being presented are recurrent skin or ear infections, chewing at her feet, missing areas of fur, potty issues, or very bad! These seemingly unrelated events potentially point to an apparently innocent culprit…food.

True food allergies in dogs are rare, but food intolerance or sensitivities are on the rise. Common offenders tend to be protein sources, with chicken, eggs, and dairy being at the top of the list.

Seeing your veterinarian is the first step in addressing potential food intolerance. Although currently no reliable tests for food allergies exist, you want to rule out other troublemakers such as a parasite, virus, or infection.

Once you’re sure some sort of alien invader isn’t the problem, the next step is to make a diet change, including both food AND treats. Make sure to remove all traces of the item(s) you believe to be the culprit. You want to switch to a protein source your dog hasn’t been exposed to previously. Lamb and Turkey are common alternatives, but there are many options, including venison, bison, salmon, or even kangaroo!

Investigate food labels carefully, confirming there is no mention whatsoever of the item(s) you are trying to avoid. For example, some foods and treats may have salmon as the primary protein source but also utilize chicken meal in smaller portions. If chicken is the issue, even this small amount could trigger a reaction.

Confirm everyone who comes into contact with your dog is aware of the importance of feeding her only the “approved” food and treats. Of course everyone wants to spoil her with “just a little taste” of some contraband occasionally, but it’s important to keep her away from the things you think may be triggering her symptoms, especially during the initial switch.

It can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks after you make dietary changes to see a noticeable decline in the symptoms. By utilizing your keen powers of observation, the assistance of your vet, and making dietary changes, solving the mystery of a food sensitivity can my quite elementary.

—Kim P.
Canine behavior coach, behavior advisor, training counselor.


Halloween Costume Photo Contest 2018

Halloween Costume Photo Contest 2018


Happy Howie’s Halloween Dog Costume Photo contest is back for the third year! We hope everyone has fun and enters their favorite fuzzy friends in their best costume.

Contest is now open for entry here on Facebook, or you can enter your photo on Instagram and/or Twitter using hashtag #HHCostume2018! You have until October 15th at 11:59pm EST to enter your photo! Only 1 entry per dog & per social media account. To keep fairness, previous contest winners cannot win. If entering using the contest hashtag your profile must be set to public (not private) for the entry to come though.

Photo entries will then be available for voting October 16th until October 29th @ 11:59pm EST. Winners will be announced October 30th—just in time for Halloween! The Winning photo will be featured on our homepage.


Grand Prize: Happy Howie’s Sample Box!

The Grand Prize Winner will receive a special sample box of Happy Howie’s most popular treats: including:

Beef Gourmet Meat Roll

2″ Mini Doggy Burgers

4″ Beef Burger Chews

6″ Woof Stix

12″ Beef Doggy Jerky

12″ Beef, Turkey & Lamb sausages (one of each flavor)

Baker’s Dozen Beef, Turkey & Lamb 4″ Sausage Pouches (one of each flavor)

11 items total, valued at $59.99!


Second & Third Prize(s): Happy Howie’s Variety Pack!

This pack includes:

Two 4″ Burger Chews

Five 4″ Turkey Sausage Treats

We look forward to seeing your festive pups again this year.
Happy Halloween!

To read the official contest rules, click here.