How To Tell If Your Pet Is Happy


These happy, smiling dogs and more can be found on Pinterest.

Anyone can think that his or her dog is happy, but how can you tell? Sure you can do the best you can to ensure your pup is satisfied, but unless your dog has learned how to talk (and no we aren’t referring to being trained to “speak”), how can you know for sure?

Thanks to, we are happy to share a couple signs that indicate your dog is truly happy:

Relaxed Eyes

Often times we hear that the eyes are the window to the sole. The same goes for animals! According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), dogs eyes form different shapes during different times of the day, or when doing activities. When paying attention to its shape, you can tell if your dog is relaxed and happy, or uneasy.

Eats Well

Some dogs are naturally pickier eaters than others—can’t blame them for knowing what they like or don’t like! However, a happy dog will want to eat. If your dog is refusing to eat, that is a good sign that something else is going on—whether medically, mentally or physically.


Dogs have a lot of energy to expel, and should not be sleeping majority of the day. A happy dog will be moving most of the day, whether it’s playing, chewing on toys (perhaps one from our previous blog post), or spending time with it’s favorite person—YOU!


A happy dog is usually a healthy dog! I don’t know about yourself, but we are not particularly happy when we’re not feeling well. If your pup is sick, be sure to get him the care he needs so he can return to a happy, healthy life!

Gets Excited

This one seems like an obvious one—a happy dog will be excited to see you, and/or do things! If your dog is no longer greeting you at the door with it’s tail wagging and tongue out with anticipation for what’s next, there may be an underlying factor that needs to be looked into.

If there’s any concern of your dog’s happiness, there’s always plenty of Happy Howie’s treats to put a smile on his/her face! :-)

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