Enjoy Spring with Your Pet

 These happy, smiling dogs and more can be found on Pinterest.

These happy, smiling dogs and more can be found on Pinterest.

Spring has sprung, and the snow has officially melted away to make room for longer, warmer days!

With the warmer weather, comes opportunity for fun, pet-related activities. Thanks to Pet360, we are happy to share some activities to fill your calendar with that will help you and your furry friend enjoy spring to the fullest:

Invest in Bug Protection
Before spending extended periods of time at the park, or any wooded area, it is important to invest in flea and tick prevention. These pesky creatures can carry diseases and may be fatal to your pet—safety first before fun!

Schedule a Playdate
Schedule in some social interaction & fun with a neighbor’s dog, or perhaps visit a local dog park. “Socialization is the key to raising a well-mannered dog. Play dates give dogs an opportunity to meet, play and learn from one another, to interact with strangers, to share toys and become comfortable in a new environment. “—Charlotte Reed, pet expert

Spring Cleaning
You are already busy cleaning out closets—take some time to focus on your pet’s area. Clean out kennels, food dishes, and give your pet’s bed a good wash for a fresh, spring start. Who knows, you may find a long lost sock!

New Toy(s)
You’ve found a park to play at, why not treat your dog to a new toy? Perhaps a new Frisbee for a good game of fetch! Your dog will leave happy and exhausted by the time your done playing.

Take a Drive
Unless your dog has car anxiety, take it for a drive! Pile into the car, roll the windows down and take a ride for an outdoor adventure—perhaps to the beach, a hiking trail, or for a picnic at the park. If they behave themselves treat them with something yummy. We recommend some delicious Happy Howie’s treats :-)

There are so many things you can do with your pet with the warmer weather!

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