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Global Pet Expo 2016


Happy Howie’s may have been in the back of the Global Pet Expo, but we were buried and very busy with follow-up activities!

Located in the very back left corner of the hall, you’d think that we would have very low traffic—not so! Happy Howie’s booth was front and center, as it seemed like at least half of the attendees turned left upon entering the hall. Our aisle essentially started the show!

Global Pet Expo was very well attended, with a combination of distributors, buyers, and retailers of all sizes. We met with a mix of our existing customers and some interested future customers from all parts of the US, and even many foreign countries. Read more

2nd Annual Happy Dog Photo Contest Winners 2016

2nd Annual Happy Dog Photo Winners – Thank you all that have participated in the Happy Howie’s Happy Dog Photo Contest. We are proud to announce the following winners:

Grand Prize:

“If you’re happy and you know it clap your paws!!!”

Atticus & pet parent Jennifer will receive:
A special sampler box of Happy Howie’s most popular treats. Atticus and Jennifer will then pick their favorite two treats, which will be shipped every three months. Happy Howie’s will also match their winnings and donate to their animal rescue of choice! Read more

How To Tell If Your Pet Is Happy


These happy, smiling dogs and more can be found on Pinterest.

Anyone can think that his or her dog is happy, but how can you tell? Sure you can do the best you can to ensure your pup is satisfied, but unless your dog has learned how to talk (and no we aren’t referring to being trained to “speak”), how can you know for sure?

Thanks to iheartdogs.com, we are happy to share a couple signs that indicate your dog is truly happy:

Relaxed Eyes

Often times we hear that the eyes are the window to the sole. The same goes for animals! According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), dogs eyes form different shapes during different times of the day, or when doing activities. When paying attention to its shape, Read more

Treat Your Favorite Valentine!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is the perfect opportunity to spoil your dog—with more than just dog treats. Here at Happy Howie’s, we feel that all around well being for your dogs is not only affected by what he/she eats, but what your dog does—how it’s trained, how it plays, and how it interacts. We often stress the importance of good health, so we make our all-natural treats with the only the best ingredients. But, before we try to sell you on treats—since we already did something right to get you here :-)—we want to share some dog toys that come recommended by indestructible dog that would make a great gift idea for your favorite Valentine! Read more

Indoor Winter Activities for your Dog

fidoAlas, the ground is covered with ice and/or snow, and the cold temperatures are here to stay for a while. Even if your dog likes the snow, it may be difficult to get him or her outside to run around and get some energy out. Needless to say, when it gets cold outside it can be difficult to find physical and mental stimulation for your dogs—we can’t blame them for not wanting to be out in negative degree weather, brr!

The Solution? Simple INDOOR activities that will keep your dog happy, healthy and entertained for the cold months ahead:

Tricks and Training

Are there some tricks that you’ve seen and thought it would be awesome to teach your dog? Now is the perfect time! There are so many tricks that your dog can learn. Make it a goal to help them master a new one—stop begging, how to come/stay, to shake, sit pretty, etc. There are many to choose from, including one of our favorites: how to train your dog to give a hug.

Feeding Time Challenge

When its time for food, make your dog work for it! Hiding their food somewhere in the house will make them work to find it—giving them the mental stimulation they need. This is also great with treats—Happy Howie’s meat rolls are perfect for cutting up & hiding, and they are trainer-approved. Leaving a trail of food may help them find what they are looking for!

Obstacle Course

Creating a simple obstacle course doesn’t have to take much time or effort, especially if your dog has mastered over, under and through. Boxes, couch cushions, chairs and steps are enough to get your dog moving around—even in a small space! Not to mention stairs are great for expelling a lot of energy.


Do you remember having fun playing this game when you were a kid? Well, just because you may not be a kid anymore doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun with your dog. Put your dog in a stay position while you run and hide. When you are ready, call for him/her! Make sure to have a reward waiting for them. Hide-n-seek is a perfect way to wear your dog out.

Mind Games

There are many mind games that are a perfect way to exercise your dog’s brainpower—while giving you a break. One toy is a seek-a-treat shuffle bone dog puzzle: a fun toy that makes your dog not only use his/her nose to smell out the treats, but to move the sliders so he can get to them. There are many different types of puzzles, 10 of which can be found here

Remember, Happy Howie’s dog treats are PERFECT for training, and are dog tested & trainer approved. Don’t let the cold, winter weather be your reason for not actively playing with your dog!

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Happy Howie’s 2nd Annual Happy Dog Photo Contest!

Howies_Home_PhotoContest-banner1Happy Howie’s is happy to bring back our Happy Dog Photo Contest for its second year! Last year’s photo contest was a great success, and we enjoyed creating an engaging experience for our customers. We have high hopes for this year’s contest!

This year’s Grand Prize winner will not only receive a one year supply* of Happy Howie’s All Natural Treats, but Happy Howie’s will match their winnings and donate to their animal rescue of choice!

The contest starts for submissions Monday, January 11th. Participants will have 3 weeks to submit their happy dog. Once all submissions are in, the photos will be posted and available for voting starting February 1st. Winners will be announced on March 1st & the winning photo will be featured on our homepage for the entire month of March!

Grand Prize: One Year Supply of Happy Howie’s Treats!
The Grand Prize Winner will receive a special sampler box of Happy Howie’s most popular treats.

The winning pooch can then pick his or her favorite two treats, which will be shipped every three months. Happy Howie’s will match the winnings and donate to the winner’s animal rescue of choice.
Total Grand Prize package: *Over 365 all natural treats!

Second Prize: Happy Howie’s Sampler Box!
Winning photos will be featured on our winner’s page for a whole month!

Third Prize: Happy Howie’s Variety Pack!
Winning photos will be featured on our winner’s page for a whole month!

We hope everyone has fun and enters their favorite fuzzy friends’ photos—we can’t wait to see them!

Howie’s Halloween Dog Costume Photo Contest Winners

Halloween Dog Costume Photo Winners – Thank you all that have participated in the Happy Howie’s Halloween Dog Costume Photo Contest. We really enjoyed seeing all your festive pups—it was fun seeing them in their costumes! We are proud to announce the following winners:

Grand Prize: “We will do tricks for treats!” submitted by Tamra M.

These decorative dogs will receive a sample box full of Happy Howie’s favorite treats!

Second & Third Prizes:

“The Incredible Hulk!” submitted by: Liz S.


“The sweetest bat doodle around!” submitted by Erin S.


These dogs with each receive a Happy Howie’s Halloween Spooktacular BBQ Pack!

We appreciate everyone taking the time to participate to make our contest a success as well as help build awareness of our All Natural Dog Treats. Please be sure to continue to follow us as we will continue to offer fun and exciting products and updates.

For our winning pet owners, we will be reaching out to you via the information provided in the submissions to fulfill your prizes.

Happy Howie’s Halloween Dog Costume Photo Contest

HH_Contest_blogHappy Howie’s is launching our first ever Halloween Dog Costume Photo contest! We hope everyone has fun and enters their favorite fuzzy friends in their best costume.

Contest is now open for entry here! You have until October 25th at midnight to enter your photo! Photos will be available for voting October 26th until November 2nd @ midnight. Winners will be announced on November 3rd. The Winning photo will be featured on our homepage!

Grand Prize: Happy Howie’s Sample Box!

The Grand Prize Winner will receive a special sample box of Happy Howie’s most popular treats: including:

Beef Gourmet Meat Roll

2″ Mini Doggy Burgers

4″ Beef Burgers

6″ Woof Stix

12″ Beef Doggy Jerky

12″ Beef, Turkey & Lamb sausages (one of each flavor)

Baker’s Dozen Beef, Turkey & Lamb 4″ Sausage Pouches (one of each flavor)

11 items total, valued at $59.99!


Second & Third Prize(s): Happy Howie’s Spooktacular Halloween BBQ Pack!

This seasonal BBQ pack includes:

Two 4″ Burgers

Five 4″ Turkey Sausage Treats

We look forward to seeing your festive pups! Happy Halloween!

To read the official rules, click here.

Happy Howie’s Unveils the New Doggy Deli Floor Display!

ASC_openhouse_DoggyDeliSaturday, September 26, Happy Howie’s attended the Animal Supply Company (ASC Southeast) Fall Open House 2015, and unveiled the NEW Doggy Deli Floor Display! ASC Southeast—formerly Summit Pet—held their second open house of the year at the Benton Convention Center in Winston-Salem, NC.

The new Doggy Deli floor display was a hit! Happy Howie’s product presentation breaks away from the standard treat merchandising that prevails in the industry—and pet shops agree! The Doggy Deli emphasizes the point that Happy Howie’s All Natural Dog Treats are no ordinary treats. Happy Howie’s treats are made fresh to order, and can take from 1–3 days to cook using only the highest quality, 100% natural ingredients. It’s charcuterie for dogs! How many pet shops can say that they have their own Doggy Deli in their stores?

Additionally, pet stores were also excited to see Happy Howie’s premium meat rolls as an alternative to competitor’s meat rolls that crumble when cut. Premium meat rolls are a great treat and training tool, which can be frozen, sliced, diced, and/or grated. Many dog trainers have already made the switch to Happy ASC_openhouse-300x250Howie’s premium meat rolls, and aren’t looking back!

It was wonderful to hear how pet shops enjoy telling consumers how Happy Howie’s product is made to order in small batches—making us unique in product production and customer service/satisfaction. We hope, and anticipate that our new Doggy Deli will be a successful addition to our product display offerings!

Thanks ASC Southeast for hosting yet another great event!
Check back with us again soon for more of Howie’s Howl

Is your dog a bad dog intentionally?

Article written by: Elly Price, Right on Track K9 Training

Dogs are not bad, well at least not from their prospective. Dogs are opportunists and they will do whatever works for them at the time and that is self-rewarding. This then becomes a learned behavior. So every time they steal food from the counter-top, they reward themselves and they’ll just keep doing it! When a dog barks and you shout out “STOP IT”, your K9 thinks that you are merely chiming along with them… so in turn they will just keep going or get worst because they think STOP IT! Means keep going.

The great thing about our dogs is they can be taught very quickly. Corrections are very easily achieved. Presented with the right techniques along with positive reinforcement, they will actually love to learn. It becomes a game for them. Training your dog for a half hour a day, in 5-minute increments, can have a huge impact on you and your dog’s relationship—it will create a closer bond between you and your dog, as well as, a harmonious family life. The key is to stay consistent. (Never scold or physically punish your dog for getting it wrong).

Elly Price is the Owner/Operator of Right on Track K9 Training, LLC. Elly began her career as a K9 handler by training, then certifying in Human Remains Recovery, Trailing, and K9 Obedience.

Learn more about Elly and Right on Track K9 Training at: http://www.rightontrackk9training.com/

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