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Fall Pet Health Tips

Photo source via pinterest

Fall is near—literally, this weekend! Let us help keep your dogs healthy and happy this season with some Fall health tips from Pet Health Network:

Watch out for those nasty ticks
Just because Fall brings colder weather, this does not mean those lurking ticks will not be near. According to the University of Rhode Island, many species of ticks are active even into the winter, and can survive the first frost— which is why it is so important to look out for ticks. Here is some great tips to help keep them away:

  • Eliminate their favorite environment, such as: leaf and garden litter (these help them survive during the winter months)
  • Frequently check your dog’s fur for ticks
  • Use tick control and other repellent products, especially if you are outdoors often
  • Consult with your veterinarian about regular annual screening for tick-borne infections

Keep your Pet away from rat poisons and other rodenticides
Rodents always seem to find their way into our homes during the colder months, which is why many set up rat poison-type traps. Please be sure to keep the pets away from these poisonous products. Many on-the-market products can be very hazardous to our animals, even deadly. Try using live traps instead poison products. If you see a tail dangling in your pet’s mouth make sure you tell them to drop it, remove the rodent & keep an eye on them. If you think your pet has accidently ingested a rodent, please consult with a veterinarian immediately.

Feed your pet the right foods
Since its starting to get cold, pets need more energy to help them stay warm. You might need to increase your pet’s food intake—food generates body heat. Before you increase your pet’s food intake get an approval from your veterinarian. Perhaps a serving of Happy Howie’s treats will help give them the energy they may lack!

Beware of the antifreeze toxicity
Some people tend to use the Fall season as an opportunity to winterize their vehicles, which often involves regularly changing their antifreeze. This can potentially be deadly for your pets—one to two teaspoons of antifreeze can kill a 10-pound dog! Antifreeze contains a substance called ethylene glycol; Ethylene has a sickly-sweet smell that entices pets to lick it up. It is important to clean up spills immediately before your pet gets a hold of it.

Stay away from chocolates and hearty foods
The holiday season is approaching fast! We tend to indulge in hearty foods and sweets during this time, and it is important to make sure your pet eats none of it. Hearty foods and sweets can cause dogs to become very sick. Eating rich, high-fat foods can cause major stomach problems such as diarrhea, gastroenteritis even more serious conditions like pancreatitis. This is very important with Halloween coming up next month—keep chocolate away from your pets!

For more Fall Health Tips, click here

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Dog Nutrition Tips


In honor of today being National Dog Day, we want to share some nutritional tips to help keep your dog healthy thanks to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

It is very important that dogs maintain Read more

Happy Howie’s at SuperZoo 2016



We are back from another successful SuperZoo show!

This show continues to grow—the floor layout, while easier to navigate than previous years, was massive! With over 1,200 exhibitors, SuperZoo is the largest gathering of pet retail and service professional in North America! If it is a pet product, chances are you could find it at this show. As with previous shows, Happy Howie’s was thrilled to be a part of it.

This was our first SuperZoo with a 20-foot Happy Howie’s booth, and we needed every inch of it! Many of the attendees—some from all over the world—brought their dogs, so sampling was very frequent. Dogs were hitting the brakes hard in front of our Doggy Deli Displays and wouldn’t leave until they got a tasty treat.


Happy Howie’s is excited to have launched our new Bulk Bags for our Doggy Deli Display! Shopping for our bulk treats is easier than ever before—customers can use our new bags to stock up on their favorite selection of our fresh deli treats. We also launched our new 2-pack 11” Woof Stix, and our 6” Woof Stix Baker’s Dozen Pouches! Our new product was a big hit and we look forward to see its success within our growing product line!


Happy Howie’s is already registered for a booth at next years show, July 25–27, 2017. We can’t wait and hope to see you there!


Summer Fun with your Dog!

It may be almost August, but summer certainly isn’t over yet! There’s always so much going on in the summer—barbecues, pool parties, vacations and get-togethers—it is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle. But while you’re out soaking up the warm sun, don’t forget about your best friend at home!

Summertime offers plenty of opportunities for fun, pet-related activities. Thanks to ModernDog, we are happy to share some activities to fill your calendar with that will help you and your furry friend enjoy the rest of summer together:

Splash zone!

Kids love playing in the sprinklers, and if your dog loves water, I bet he/she does too! Set up a sprinkle while you’re out in the yard and watch your dog go crazy with fun, or grab a ball or Frisbee and play catch through the water!

Go site-seeing

There are many historical sites, museums and parks all over that are dog friendly. Leash up your best friend and enjoy the day site-seeing together.

Host a Dog Swap!


You’ve heard of clothing swaps—host a doggie swap! You know that toy you bought for your dog that was never played with, and is just collecting dust in the toy bin? Swap it! Invite follow pet-parents and get socializing. Encourage other pets to join in on the swap party & score big with new or gently used items that your dog actually likes!

Start a walking group

Chances are you know other people with dogs—set a date and time to meet up and get walking. This not only is great exercise for your dog, but it gives him/her an opportunity to socialize with other dogs too!

Float around the pool


Perhaps it’s just too hot outside to work up the energy to do anything. This happens! If you have a pool, or if there’s a dog friendly pool around go take a load off & enjoy the refreshing water—it is summer after all! Get your water-loving pooch swimming with some encouragement: float treats in the water!

Whatever you decide to do with your dog, make sure to pack lots of water & treats!

For more summer activity ideas, click here

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Phillip’s Pet Mid-Atlantic Open House


Phillip’s Pet Mid-Atlantic Open House 2016 was held July 11–12 at the Ocean Place Resort in Longbranch, NJ!

Phillip’s Pet Mid-Atlantic Open House always takes up all of the available conference space in this facility: Every meeting room, the 2 main ballrooms on the ground floor and the 2 ballrooms on the second floor. Happy Howie’s occupied the exact same booth space as the last show, on the second floor of the show.

Read more

“What would your dog do for Happy Howie’s” Video Contest!

HH_Contest_blog (3)

What would your dog do? Happy Howie’s is launching our first-ever video contest! We love seeing videos posted to social media of your dog’s enjoying our treats, and we want to see more! So the question is, What would your dog do for Happy Howie’s? Show us! Whether it’s showing off their best trick, begging like a dog (pun intended) or jumping through hoops to get to their Happy Howie’s treats—have fun with this! Read more

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day less than a week away, you may be in a bit of a bind wondering what to get those dog dads in your life! It may seem like they have it all, but here are a few gift ideas that just may be the solution to your gift dilemma: Read more

Memorial Day


Believe it or not, Memorial Day is finally upon us! As we anticipate a 3-day weekend, what better way to spend it than by going on a (much-deserved) vacation with your favorite furry friend.
Thanks to this guide by Visualistan, we have a list of things that may be helpful to remember before you take your pup on vacation this holiday weekend. Read more

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day less than a week away, you may be in a bit of a bind wondering what to get those moms in your life who already seem to have it all.

Thanks to BarkPost, we chose a few of our favorite Pet Parent gift ideas to share with our Happy Howie’s fans.

BarkBox – the gift that keeps on giving. One subscription will deliver monthly surprises that are sure to delight both pups and pup parent’s alike.


Bad Dog Diner Wisdom Mugs – Set of 4
These mugs capture bad dog behavior at its best – I mean worst. For the Mom that enjoys a good laugh.


Image via uncommongoods

Real Dogs Wine
Mom will get a kick out of seeing her pooch on a bottle of red wine. While Real Dogs Wine offers customizable labels to their customers, Mom can also feel good knowing that 10% of all of their proceeds go to rescue organizations.


Image via A Dog’s Life

Custom Pet Nose Print Necklaces by Kate Wolfe
Did you know that your dog’s nose is as unique as a human fingerprint? Mom can carry her pup everywhere she goes now with a truly one-of-a-kind custom pet nose necklace.


Image via uncommongoods

“Miracle Dogs: Rescue Stories” Book by Lin Stavrinides
Any foster or rescue mom will appreciate this collection of stories by Lin Stavrinides about shelter dogs. A must have for parents of adopted doggies.


Image via BarkShop

Pop Your Pup
Yet another way for that devoted Mom to take their doggy everywhere they go – and in style. These custom shirts feature pop-art versions of any goofy pet picture that Mom might have.


Happy Howie’s!
Of course, our absolute favorite Mother’s Day gift idea is Happy Howie’s! Doggy tested and Mother approved.


Although Happy Howie’s wasn’t included in the original BarkPost, you can read about other pet-parent gift ideas here.

Enjoy Spring with Your Pet

 These happy, smiling dogs and more can be found on Pinterest.

These happy, smiling dogs and more can be found on Pinterest.

Spring has sprung, and the snow has officially melted away to make room for longer, warmer days!

With the warmer weather, comes opportunity for fun, pet-related activities. Thanks to Pet360, we are happy to share some activities to fill your calendar with that will help you and your furry friend enjoy spring to the fullest: Read more