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Howie’s Halloween Dog Costume Photo Contest Winners

Thank you all that have participated in the Happy Howie’s Halloween Dog Costume Photo Contest. We really enjoyed seeing all your festive pups—it was fun seeing them in their costumes! We are proud to announce the following winners:

Grand Prize: “We will do tricks for treats!” submitted by Tamra M.

These decorative dogs will receive a sample box full of Happy Howie’s favorite treats!

Second & Third Prizes:

“The Incredible Hulk!” submitted by: Liz S.


“The sweetest bat doodle around!” submitted by Erin S.


These dogs with each receive a Happy Howie’s Halloween Spooktacular BBQ Pack!

We appreciate everyone taking the time to participate to make our contest a success as well as help build awareness of our All Natural Dog Treats. Please be sure to continue to follow us as we will continue to offer fun and exciting products and updates.

For our winning pet owners, we will be reaching out to you via the information provided in the submissions to fulfill your prizes.

Happy Howie’s Halloween Dog Costume Photo Contest

HH_Contest_blogHappy Howie’s is launching our first ever Halloween Dog Costume Photo contest! We hope everyone has fun and enters their favorite fuzzy friends in their best costume.

Contest is now open for entry here! You have until October 25th at midnight to enter your photo! Photos will be available for voting October 26th until November 2nd @ midnight. Winners will be announced on November 3rd. The Winning photo will be featured on our homepage!

Grand Prize: Happy Howie’s Sample Box!

The Grand Prize Winner will receive a special sample box of Happy Howie’s most popular treats: including:

Beef Gourmet Meat Roll

2″ Mini Doggy Burgers

4″ Beef Burgers

6″ Woof Stix

12″ Beef Doggy Jerky

12″ Beef, Turkey & Lamb sausages (one of each flavor)

Baker’s Dozen Beef, Turkey & Lamb 4″ Sausage Pouches (one of each flavor)

11 items total, valued at $59.99!


Second & Third Prize(s): Happy Howie’s Spooktacular Halloween BBQ Pack!

This seasonal BBQ pack includes:

Two 4″ Burgers

Five 4″ Turkey Sausage Treats

We look forward to seeing your festive pups! Happy Halloween!

To read the official rules, click here.

Happy Howie’s Unveils the New Doggy Deli Floor Display!

ASC_openhouse_DoggyDeliSaturday, September 26, Happy Howie’s attended the Animal Supply Company (ASC Southeast) Fall Open House 2015, and unveiled the NEW Doggy Deli Floor Display! ASC Southeast—formerly Summit Pet—held their second open house of the year at the Benton Convention Center in Winston-Salem, NC.

The new Doggy Deli floor display was a hit! Happy Howie’s product presentation breaks away from the standard treat merchandising that prevails in the industry—and pet shops agree! The Doggy Deli emphasizes the point that Happy Howie’s All Natural Dog Treats are no ordinary treats. Happy Howie’s treats are made fresh to order, and can take from 1–3 days to cook using only the highest quality, 100% natural ingredients. It’s charcuterie for dogs! How many pet shops can say that they have their own Doggy Deli in their stores?

Additionally, pet stores were also excited to see Happy Howie’s premium meat rolls as an alternative to competitor’s meat rolls that crumble when cut. Premium meat rolls are a great treat and training tool, which can be frozen, sliced, diced, and/or grated. Many dog trainers have already made the switch to Happy ASC_openhouse-300x250Howie’s premium meat rolls, and aren’t looking back!

It was wonderful to hear how pet shops enjoy telling consumers how Happy Howie’s product is made to order in small batches—making us unique in product production and customer service/satisfaction. We hope, and anticipate that our new Doggy Deli will be a successful addition to our product display offerings!

Thanks ASC Southeast for hosting yet another great event!
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Is your dog a bad dog intentionally?

Article written by: Elly Price, Right on Track K9 Training

Dogs are not bad, well at least not from their prospective. Dogs are opportunists and they will do whatever works for them at the time and that is self-rewarding. This then becomes a learned behavior. So every time they steal food from the counter-top, they reward themselves and they’ll just keep doing it! When a dog barks and you shout out “STOP IT”, your K9 thinks that you are merely chiming along with them… so in turn they will just keep going or get worst because they think STOP IT! Means keep going.

The great thing about our dogs is they can be taught very quickly. Corrections are very easily achieved. Presented with the right techniques along with positive reinforcement, they will actually love to learn. It becomes a game for them. Training your dog for a half hour a day, in 5-minute increments, can have a huge impact on you and your dog’s relationship—it will create a closer bond between you and your dog, as well as, a harmonious family life. The key is to stay consistent. (Never scold or physically punish your dog for getting it wrong).

Elly Price is the Owner/Operator of Right on Track K9 Training, LLC. Elly began her career as a K9 handler by training, then certifying in Human Remains Recovery, Trailing, and K9 Obedience.

Learn more about Elly and Right on Track K9 Training at: http://www.rightontrackk9training.com/

RightOnTrackK9Training (1)

The Importance of Pet/Treat Safety

The New York Times recently published an article in “The Haggler” section that discussed the nearly disastrous consequences pet-parent, Muriel Mateer, had to endure after giving her dog a bone—a real pork femur in fact:

“…A few hours later, Ms. Mateer’s 6-year-old pit bull, Bear, started to display some gruesome signs of gastrointestinal distress. She took him to a veterinarian near her home in Upland, Calif. Given antibiotics and hooked to an IV drip, Bear passed most of the bone shards that had been causing the trouble over the course of many stressful hours.

“He’s recuperating now,” Ms. Mateer said. “We almost lost him.”

bone_v1Ladies and gentlemen, the Haggler presents America’s most hated dog bone. The Better Business Bureau has been warning consumers about the Real Ham Bone for five years. There have been local news stories about it (“Bad to the bone?” asked a Fox affiliate in Milwaukee), and it has inspired a number of anti-Real Ham Bone Facebook pages. In May, a class-action lawsuit was filed in California against Dynamic Pet Products, with a lead plaintiff who says her basset hound died after ingesting a Real Ham Bone…” (Segal 2015)

Here at Happy Howie’s, we pride ourselves with products that are all natural, healthy & safe for dogs to enjoy. It is important to us that your dog is kept safe while enjoying treats. We urge all pet-parents to strongly consider every factor that goes into a treat purchase, and keep in mind the treats that are soft, chewy and/or easily breakable!

To read the entire article click here.

Segal, David. “The Treat That Could Bite Your Dog Back.” The Haggler. The New York Times, 1 Aug. 2015. Web. 14 Aug. 2015.http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/02/your-money/the-treat-that-could-bite-your-dog-back.html?_r=1

Happy Howie’s at SuperZoo

sz-logoThis was the largest and busiest SuperZoo show to date. 300 booths were added since last year’s show. Some of those booth spaces went to new exhibitors and the rest allowed previous exhibitors to expand their booth spaces.
Attendee traffic was up dramatically from last year’s show. Pet shops and distributors from coast to coast were present in large numbers. The attendees were up-beat and anxious to hear about our products.

superZoo_smallInterest in Happy Howie’s products was very high. Our commitment to fresh, deli- style, all-natural product offerings is at the heart of current consumer and dealer demand. It seemed like many other companies were trying to make a late jump on the “All Natural” bandwagon.

We had the opportunity to speak with several large national dog training organizations about our Premium Meat Rolls. They all seemed well aware of our product’s advantages over other roll products and couldn’t wait to drop their current products and start using ours!

Many attendees visited our booth accompanied by their dogs. Many of them came in claiming that they had visited a dozen other treat booths and their dog had rejected all the samples being offered. David would then slice up some Happy Howie’s Premium Turkey Roll, offer a piece to the finicky customer and watch as the dog gulped it down and begged for more!

A good time was had by all!

Wayne Whitney
National Sales Manager
Happy Howie’s, Inc.

Proud to Manufacture in Michigan


Happy Howie’s Inc. is delighted to announce that we are now an official member of the “Proud to Manufacture in Michigan” program through Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC)!

MMTC assists Michigan’s small and medium-sized businesses, such as ourselves, compete and grow through personalized client services, leadership development, product/process drive and innovation, and company-wide promotion for growth and profitability.

logo“Success doesn’t just happen. It takes driven, dedicated, experienced, full-time professionals – like the kind at MMTC, working together to keep Michigan manufacturing strong.”—MMTC

MMTC has launched the “Proud to Manufacture in Michigan” program to raise awareness of Michigan’s manufacturing community and products made in our state. Happy Howie’s Inc. is thrilled to be a part of this program because we are proud to manufacture all natural dog treats, not only in the USA, but in the heart of Detroit!

“We are proud to be a member of PTMIM. It’s a great feeling being part of a group of companies that are doing for manufacturing what Silicon Valley has done for technology.” —David Collado, President, Happy Howie’s Inc.

Visit our Happy Howie’s Inc. profile page:

To learn more about MMTC and the “Proud to Manufacture in Michigan” program, visit: http://www.mmtc.org


Dearborn Animal Shelter Partnership!

Happy Howie’s is proud to announce a wonderful partnership with Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter! Each week Happy Howie’s will feature an adoptable dog from the shelter looking for his/her forever home.

DearbornIt is Happy Howie’s mission to not only provide all natural, tasty dog treats, but to help provide long-term happiness for dogs desperately in need of a loving home—and individuals looking to become pet parents!

The Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, under contract with the city of Dearborn since 1996. This organization not only showcases adoptable animals, but also provides education and animal tips, promotes correlating events, and addresses animal advocacy.

“We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Friends are dedicated to the rescue and protection of animals in the community, while inspiring healthy relationships between people and their companion animals.”

Be on the lookout each week on the Happy Howie’s website to help these dogs find a home!

To learn more about the Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter, visit: https://www.dearbornanimals.org

To adopt, visit: https://www.dearbornanimals.org/adopt-a-pet/

Don’t shop, adopt!

The “Back Yard Dog”

Article written by: Elly Price, Right on Track K9 Training

Most people don’t realize that leaving a dog alone or unattended in a yard for long periods of time or sometimes even short periods can lead to unwanted behavioral problems.

Over the last several years, during training, a common question people will ask me is, “why doesn’t my dog pay attention to me when I give him a command?” Usually through our conversation I will learn that their dog’s daily routine includes being left alone in their yard for long periods of time.

Dogs are naturally pack animals that would normally have a place within their pack, which will determine certain behaviors and give them a kind of fulfillment. A dog that is left on his own without certain needs being met by other pack members will learn to fulfill these needs on his own. So, if you find yourself wondering why your dog is constantly barking, digging, howling, charging the fence, or displaying other unwanted behaviors, it is most likely something trainers call, “self rewarding” behavior. Basically, they are trying to find ways to deal with pent up energy or stress anxiety.

RightOnTrackK9TrainingAgain, dogs are pack animals that have a need to feel they belong to a group, which in the absence of other dogs becomes their human owner. Dogs need to have their human owner’s companionship and humans need to provide their dog with structure. Without this relationship a dog will learn to become independent. They can also become anxious and stressed, which in turn can lead to their becoming aggressive and less responsive to your commands.

A “back yard dog” is sometimes difficult to train because the bond that is created when a human interacts with their dog is missing. Outside of spending down time with your dog you need to interact with your dog through playtime, like a game of “fetch”, or taking daily walks together. This interaction will make your dog feel he has a place within your pack and will cause him to be more responsive to your commands.

Of course there are other factors that play a part in good leadership, but that is a topic for another day.

To learn more about dog obedience training please visit the experts at: http://www.rightontrackk9training.com/

Happy Howie’s Visits Colorado

In late April, Happy Howie’s decided to take a trip to Colorado to visit independent retailers in two (Denver and Colorado Springs) of the 17 Best U.S. Cities for Dogs (as voted by Estately Blog; http://blog.estately.com/2013/05/17-best-u-s-cities-for-dogs/). After seeing 40 independent retailers in 4 days, we a few things to bark about.

It doesn’t get any better than beautiful spring weather, mountains in the background, All Natural Dog Treats, and of course, dogs! Dogs, dogs, and more dogs! The neighborhoods were lively with pet parents walking and playing with their best friends. From Denver all the way down to Colorado Springs, many dogs were enjoying the parks, dog-friendly coffee shops, and boutique pet supplies stores.

One of the many aspects of these cities that we were fascinated by is the ability to set trends in motion that carry over to the rest of the country.
One of the retailers, Wag n Wash natural food & bakery in Colorado Springs, was a one-stop-shop design to make a pet parent’s life easier and spoil dogs. The store, like several others, has dog wash and grooming stations with a selection of natural foods and treats to fit the need of the most demanding pet parent. But, what really set this store apart was the in-house bakery. Wag n Wash’s bakery was equipped with a bakery and a baker hand rolling and cutting cookies for dogs. Before you get a chance to take in the wide aisles and bright colors, your senses are drawn to the smell of freshly baked treats. There’s no doubt stores throughout the country will pick up on this!

This was just one store among many other retailers in Denver and Colorado that deserve praise for helping to put their cities on the list of the 17 Best U.S. cities for Dogs. After 4 days and 40 stores, our paws are super tired!

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