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There’s a Trick to Treats!


There’s a Trick to Treats! – One of the best examples of why dogs need supervision at treat time is in “Turner and Hooch”. Tom Hanks leaves Hooch unsupervised in the car for “just a minute” and when he returns, he finds Hooch has snacked on the entire car interior.

Since most of us would prefer our pups not feast on the interior of our Mustang, we need to consider a few things when deciding upon a treat for our canine companion. What are we trying to achieve with the treat… fighting boredom, some dental hygiene, or just a quick reward? Once you know your goal, choosing a treat is much easier.

For fighting boredom and assisting with dental health (even if you brush her teeth), raw/uncooked bones are the way to go. Cooked bones become brittle and are likely splinter, potentially resulting in an unwanted trip to the vet. Raw bones provide calcium and phosphorus, as well as other nutrients. Gnawing on a bone feeds a dog’s need to chew, relieves stress and anxiety, all the while scraping tartar off her teeth making it even better than brushing. Just make sure the bone is large enough that your dog cannot get the entire thing in her mouth and make sure to supervise your dog whenever she has one.

For something a little less intense, bully sticks or woof stix are tasty, easy to chew treats and are highly digestible. They come in different thicknesses, sizes and shapes to accommodate any dog. Jerky treats made exclusively for pets are even easier to chew and are wonderful for less intense chewers. Never give your pup jerky made for humans, as it may contain ingredients harmful to your dog. Bully sticks and jerky also can provide dental health benefits.

If you are looking for a quick and easy treat to reward your pup for being awesome, meat rolls and soft treats are just the thing. Although great for any dog, these treats can be perfect for seniors or dogs with dental issues. To add a bit of mental stimulation for your pup, place them into treat dispensing toys or hide them around the house.

Regardless of your goal, make sure your treats are as healthy and natural as possible. You want to avoid chemical preservatives such as BHA/BHT, artificial sweeteners, soy, and corn to name a few. Look for real products you can identify and pronounce, such as turkey, mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E based preservative), or rosemary. Products made in the USA are also a bonus.

With a bit of thought and planning, treat time can be fun and healthy for our critters and ourselves…and help us avoid a Hooch style chewing disaster.

—Kim P.
Canine behavior coach, behavior advisor, training counselor.

Halloween Costume Photo Contest 2019

Halloween Costume Photo Contest 2019


Happy Howie’s Halloween Dog Costume Photo contest is back for its fourth year for a howling good time! We hope everyone has fun and enters their favorite fuzzy friends in their best costume.

Contest is now open for entry here on Facebook, or you can enter your photo on Instagram and/or Twitter using hashtag #HHCostume2019! You have until October 14th at 11:59pm EST to enter your photo! Only 1 entry per dog & per social media account. To keep fairness, previous contest winners cannot win. If entering using the contest hashtag your profile must be set to public (not private) for the entry to come though.

Photo entries will be available for voting October 15th until October 30th @ 11:59pm EST. Winners will be announced on Halloween, October 31st! The Winning photo will be featured on our homepage.


Grand Prize: Happy Howie’s Sample Box!

The Grand Prize Winner will receive a special sample box of Happy Howie’s treats: including:

2″ Mini Doggy Burgers

4″ Beef Burger Chews

6″ Woof Stix 4pk

6″ Beef Doggy Jerky 2pk

12″ Beef Sausages

Baker’s Dozen Beef, Turkey & Lamb 4″ Sausage Pouches (one of each flavor)

8 items total, valued at $54.99!


Second & Third Prize(s): Happy Howie’s Variety Pack!

This pack includes:

Two 4″ Burger Chews

Five 4″ Turkey Sausage Treats

We look forward to seeing your festive pups again this year.
Happy “Howl”ween!

To read the official contest rules, click here.

Cruisin’ for Snacks


Cruisin’ for Snacks! Cruise ship vacations are notorious for their boundless buffet offerings, around the clock food availability…and inevitable weight gain from the 24 hour indulging. To our dogs, we are the esteemed chefs presenting delicious delicacies for their around the clock indulgence.

As the chefs, it is our job to make sure we regulate the buffet line and incorporate both healthy meals and tasty nutritious snacks over the course of the day. For most dogs over a year old, feeding twice a day (normally morning and evening) and providing some snack times in between meals helps create a routine dogs crave. You can also use these times to reinforce training, teach new behaviors, and build the bond between you and your hungry diner. When feeding your dog his breakfast or dinner, have him sit and stay until you put the bowl on the floor and release him. If you walk past the counter and decide he needs a snack, have him shake or a give a high five to show his appreciation of the tastiness to come.

Our role as chefs also includes a bit of nutrition management, as it is our responsibility not only to regulate the quality of what we are “cooking”, but the quantity served. Just like cruise patrons, our pups are perfectly willing to devour mass quantities of any cuisine we provide.

Although there is no definitive amount of treats you should give, we do need to be aware of the caloric value of snacks during the course of the day and adjust snacking and mealtime quantities accordingly. Just like cruise ship vacationers, mindless 24 hour snacking and eating can result in some unwanted extra pounds.

Relax and enjoy spoiling your pup with some healthy treats every day, however don’t let them talk you into daily buffet-style binge sessions. By using a bit of moderation, this is one vacation that doesn’t have to end.

—Kim P.
Canine behavior coach, behavior advisor, training counselor.

If your pup is cruisin’ for snacks, treat them today!

Counter Surf’s Up… But Not For Long!


When you turn your back in the kitchen, does your dog hang 10 on your kitchen counters, surfing for any tasty morsel he can find? Although your dog may dig counter surfing, most of us prefer they keep all four on the floor.

Dogs counter surf because more often than not, the payoff is big. Not only do they stumble upon delicious forbidden treats such as some stray birthday cake, your toddler’s leftover waffle, or maybe even that lovely ribeye you were just about to throw on the grill, but they also get all kinds of attention when you scream and chase them off.

The first wave of defense in the counter surfing counter attack is obvious, keep counters free of anything that could be considered interesting to your surfer boy. Putting food in the fridge, pantry, or at least in an airtight container, takes away the reward of catching the big wave. But let’s face it, this isn’t always practical, especially with kids (or spouses) in the house.

When prevention doesn’t work, the second wave is deterrence. Create some surprise noise makers by adding several pennies to a beverage can and sealing the opening with sturdy tape. Line the noise makers along the counter’s edge so your surfer will get a loud surprise (aka correction) as they knock a few down while surfing forbidden territory. Most dogs are startled by this type of noise and will quickly find something else to do that does not involve countertops with clanging cans. You can also try using double sided or packing tape with the sticky side facing upwards, so when paws attempt to catch the big wave, they come away with tape unpleasantly stuck to their feet (think of the feeling of gum on the bottom of your shoe…yuck!).

There are several great things about these deterrents. Neither are harmful, they work whether you are in the room or not (quite helpful for the stealthy or midnight surfers), and they shift the surfing experience from fun and rewarding, to distasteful and unpleasant.

With a little prevention, patience, and perseverance, you can teach your counter surfer to save his rad moves for the open water.

—Kim P.
Canine behavior coach, behavior advisor, training counselor.

Canine Drivers’ Training; Keeping you, your dog and other drivers safe


Remember that famous scene in the Blues Brothers movie. Jake and Elwood Blues are in a car chase, and the brothers chit chat casually about the variety of stores they are speeding past, and notice the new Oldsmobiles are in early. Unfortunately, the majority of us are unable to drive with that level of focus under far less distracting conditions.

Most dogs agree that driving with their head hanging out the window or riding in your lap is the best thing ever, however these adorable actions could snag you an unexpected distracted driving ticket. In a study by AAA and Kurgo, 65% of dog owners admit to engaging in distracted driving activities with their dog, such as restraining him when braking, preventing him from jumping back and forth over the seats, or holding him while driving.

According to law enforcement officers, if your canine buddy interferes with your ability to operate your vehicle or obstructs your vision, you can be ticketed for distracted driving…no different than if you were texting. And I bet your pup would much rather have you spending that cash on some tasty treats!

Even bigger than the legal issue is safety, for both our pets and ourselves. Although we would never dream of allowing our 30 lb. human child to ride unrestrained in the car, running back and forth across the seats and hanging out the window, nearly 84% of pet parents allow their furry charges to do just that. Human and furry children both are safer restrained, and in the back seat. There are many great pet restraint options such as harnesses, safety belts, travel crates, pet seats, and more to help keep your pup safe and happy while cruising the town.

So the next time your dog says “It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we’ve got a full tank of gas, it’s dark outside… and we’re wearing sunglasses”, take them up on the adventure, but remember to keep them safely restrained in the back seat.

—Kim P.
Canine behavior coach, behavior advisor, training counselor.

Proud to Partner with Leader Dogs for the Blind


Happy Howie’s is happy to announce its partnership with Leader Dogs for the Blind! Happy Howie’s has always encouraged a strong sense of community and are happy to give back to those who need it the most. In a statement from Leader Dogs for the Blind:

“People who are blind or visually impaired endure hardships we can barely imagine. Things that were once routine and taken for granted, suddenly become insurmountable hurdles.

That’s where Leader Dogs for the Blind steps in. From white cane training to matching people with a Leader Dog, we provide the tools and training to reintroduce people to a life of independence, confidence and companionship. It’s a way of living that leads to a new perspective on life.

Blindness Changes Everything. For people who are blind or visually impaired, the loss of sight is only the beginning of a life-changing reality. As the simplest to the most complex everyday tasks become daunting, these individuals often become depressed, anxious and isolated.

Leader Dog is the answer for thousands of people who are in critical need of our services. Because we believe every person deserves equal opportunity for travel and independence, all of our services are provided at no cost, covering expenses for training, room, and board, and travel to our campus from anywhere in North America. It cost our organization over $40,000 per guide dog team and our clients pay absolutely nothing. With support from corporate partners like Happy Howie’s, Inc. we are able to continue to provide all of our services for no cost to any of our clients.”

For more information about Leader Dogs for the Blind, or to see how you can help, please visit www.leaderdog.org. Together we can make a difference!

5th Annual Happy Dog Photo Contest Winners

5th Annual Happy Dog Photo Contest Winners – We would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone that participated in the Happy Howie’s Happy Dog Photo Contest—whether you submitted a photo or came back to vote. We always receive the best entries & we love seeing our happy customers!

We are proud to announce the following winners:

Grand Prize

“Pure Bliss – Piper”

Piper will receive:
A special sampler box of Happy Howie’s most popular treats. Piper will then pick her favorite two treats to be shipped. Happy Howie’s will also match their winnings and donate to their animal rescue of choice!

Second Prize

“Ruby takes a break from splashing in Folsom Lake to pose for a pic!”

Ruby will receive:
A Happy Howie’s Sampler Box!

Third Prize

“There’s nothing better than a happy Pitty smile!”

This sweet pup will receive:
One-time use promo code for 50% off happyhowies.com

Congratulations to all our winners!
A Happy Howie’s representative will reach out to you with the information provided with your entry to fulfill your prizes.

We appreciate everyone taking the time to participate to make our contest a success.

Please be sure to continue to follow us—we will continue to offer fun and exciting products, contests and updates throughout 2019. For our winning pet-parents, we will be reaching out to you via the information provided in your submission to fulfill your prizes.

Happy Howie’s 5th Annual Happy Dog Photo Contest


Happy Howie’s 5th Annual Happy Dog Photo Contest

Happy Howie’s is excited to bring back our Happy Dog Photo Contest for its fifth year! We love see everyone’s photos, and we enjoyed creating an engaging experience for our customers. Last year’s contest was such a large success—we have high hopes again for this year’s contest!

This year’s Grand Prize winner will receive a one-year supply* of Happy Howie’s All Natural Treats, and Happy Howie’s will match their winnings and donate to their animal rescue of choice!

The contest opens for submissions Friday, January 11th. Participants will have 3 weeks to submit their favorite happy dog photo. Once all submissions are in, the photos will be posted and available for voting starting February 1st. Voting will close Tuesday, February 26th @11:59pm EST. Winners will be announced on February 27th & the winning photo will be featured on our homepage for the month of March!


Grand Prize: One-Year Supply of Happy Howie’s Treats!
The Grand Prize Winner will receive a special sampler box of Happy Howie’s most popular treats.

The winning pooch can then pick his or her favorite two treats, which will be shipped. Happy Howie’s will match the winnings and donate to the winner’s animal rescue of choice.
Total Grand Prize package: *Over 365 all natural treats!

Second Prize: Happy Howie’s Sampler Box!
Second place photo will be featured on social media.

Third Prize: One-time use promo code for 50% off happyhowies.com!
Third place photo will be featured on social media.

How to Enter

Enter via Facebook here, or submit your photo via Twitter or Instagram using hashtag #HHdog2019. Please note that social profiles need to be public for any hashtag submissions to come through.

One photo submission per person. To make this contest fair to all participants, previous first place winners are ineligible to win the grand prize again. Last year’s winners can be viewed here. Official rules are available on contest platform.

We hope everyone has fun and enters their favorite furry friends’ photos—we can’t wait to see them!

Easing into the Golden Years – Enhancing the Life of Your Senior Dog


Easing into the Golden Years: Although we can’t stop time slipping away, there are several things we can do to help our furry family members age a bit more like Betty White than Keith Richards.

Determining when your dog is ready for her AARP card depends to some extent on her size. Larger dogs tend to have shorter life spans than smaller ones, so a Newfoundland would be considered a senior around age 7, where as a Chihuahua wouldn’t reach golden status until closer to age 10.

As she gets older, moving to twice per year wellness checks can help keep your dog active, comfortable and healthy as possible. Discuss having a full blood work panel performed. Not only can it provide an early warning to potential problems now, but it will serve as a baseline for the years to come. Your vet can compare future blood work against it, making changes easier to spot and address early.

There are a variety of holistic treatments, vitamins, and herbal remedies, as well as prescription medications that can address some of the challenges aging throws our way, such as arthritis. Besides downward dog pose, dogs are rarely good at yoga however they may benefit from other options we use such as massage, acupuncture or physical therapy. Always work with a veterinarian or certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist when utilizing supplements, medications, or treatments.

Additional options to help with mobility and fall prevention are non-slip treads on stairs, orthopedic beds, and stairs or ramps to get on/off furniture or in/out of vehicles.

Quality food and treats, exercise, and mental stimulation are still important in the golden years, but just like us, dogs’ abilities and needs change as they get older. You may need to switch or cut back on food, feed smaller portions more frequently, change the intensity, type, or duration of exercise. Daily exercise keeps both us and our dogs mentally engaged as well as physically active, however she may need to adjust the 5-mile run you always took with her down to a 3-mile walk.

Being able to communicate with your dog is important at any age. When I am instructing my students, I teach both hand signals and voice commands. This is due in part to how dogs learn, but it can also be beneficial later in life. Should your dog lose one sense, such as hearing, you still have the ability to communicate her via hand signals.

Even though becoming a senior doesn’t get your dog great perks like free coffee at McDonald’s or early bird dinner specials at the local diner, she can still enjoy an active and comfortable life throughout her golden years.

—Kim P.
Canine behavior coach, behavior advisor, training counselor.

Halloween Dog Costume Photo Contest Winners 2018

We would like to send out a big thank you to everyone that have participated in our Halloween Dog Costume Photo Contest—whether you submitted a photo or came back to vote. We loved seeing all the dogs dressed festively for Halloween!

We are proud to announce the following winners:

Grand Prize

“My name is prince By-Tor so no other costume would do. My costume is fit for the prince that I am!”

First place winner will receive:
A special sampler box of Happy Howie’s most popular treats, including: beef gourmet meat roll, 2” mini doggy burgers, 4” beef burger chews, 6” woof stix, 12” beef doggy jerky, 12” beef, lamb and turkey sausages (one of each flavor) and baker’s dozen beef, turkey and lamb 2” sausage pouches (one of each flavor). 11 items total, valued at $59.99!

Second Prize

“The Poop Factory”

Second place winner will receive:
A Happy Howie’s Variety Pack!

Third Prize

“Riley makes skeletons look awfully cute.”

Third place winner will receive:
A Happy Howie’s Variety Pack!


Congratulations to all our winners!

We appreciate everyone taking the time to participate to make our Halloween contest another success.

Please be sure to continue to follow us on Facebook—we will continue to offer fun and exciting products and updates through the remainder of 2018. For our winning pet-parents, we will be reaching out to you via the information provided in your submission to fulfill your prizes.

Happy Halloween!