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Is your dog a bad dog intentionally?

Article written by: Elly Price, Right on Track K9 Training Dogs are not bad, well at least not from their prospective. Dogs are opportunists and they will do whatever works for them at the time and that is self-rewarding. This then becomes a learned behavior. So every time they steal food from the counter-top, they […]

The Importance of Pet/Treat Safety

The New York Times recently published an article in “The Haggler” section that discussed the nearly disastrous consequences pet-parent, Muriel Mateer, had to endure after giving her dog a bone—a real pork femur in fact: “…A few hours later, Ms. Mateer’s 6-year-old pit bull, Bear, started to display some gruesome signs of gastrointestinal distress. She […]

Happy Howie’s at SuperZoo

This was the largest and busiest SuperZoo show to date. 300 booths were added since last year’s show. Some of those booth spaces went to new exhibitors and the rest allowed previous exhibitors to expand their booth spaces. Attendee traffic was up dramatically from last year’s show. Pet shops and distributors from coast to coast […]

Proud to Manufacture in Michigan

Happy Howie’s Inc. is delighted to announce that we are now an official member of the “Proud to Manufacture in Michigan” program through Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC)! MMTC assists Michigan’s small and medium-sized businesses, such as ourselves, compete and grow through personalized client services, leadership development, product/process drive and innovation, and company-wide promotion for […]

Dearborn Animal Shelter Partnership!

Happy Howie’s is proud to announce a wonderful partnership with Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter! Each week Happy Howie’s will feature an adoptable dog from the shelter looking for his/her forever home. It is Happy Howie’s mission to not only provide all natural, tasty dog treats, but to help provide long-term happiness for dogs […]

The “Back Yard Dog”

Article written by: Elly Price, Right on Track K9 Training Most people don’t realize that leaving a dog alone or unattended in a yard for long periods of time or sometimes even short periods can lead to unwanted behavioral problems. Over the last several years, during training, a common question people will ask me is, […]

Happy Howie’s Visits Colorado

In late April, Happy Howie’s decided to take a trip to Colorado to visit independent retailers in two (Denver and Colorado Springs) of the 17 Best U.S. Cities for Dogs (as voted by Estately Blog; http://blog.estately.com/2013/05/17-best-u-s-cities-for-dogs/). After seeing 40 independent retailers in 4 days, we a few things to bark about. It doesn’t get any […]

2015 Mutt Strut & Pet Expo: May 9, 2015 @ Ford Field

Happy Howie’s is proud to be a Mutt Strut Paw-tner sponsor for the 2015 Dearborn Mutt Strut & Pet Expo! The Dearborn Mutt Strut and Pet Expo benefit the rescues at the Dearborn Animal Shelter, and is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year! Join us, and countless others, Saturday, May 9th (rain or shine) […]

Saving Dogs and Detainees One Life at a Time

Happy Howie’s is honored to announce we have become proud supporters of The Georgia Department of Corrections “Rescued” program! What exactly is this program? Founded in June of 2012, the “Rescued” program began through the Georgia Department of Corrections at the Colwell Probation and Detention Center in Blairsville, Georgia. This program aims to help dogs […]

Southeast Pet Open House

Congratulations to Southeast Pet on celebrating their 40th anniversary! At Happy Howie’s, we have grown to love Southeast Pet—specifically their people and what they stand for. During the past few years the pet industry has seen an incredible amount of consolidation among distributors of pet supplies. This has generated a lot of controversy, along with […]